Biolight & Massage

Combining Biolight therapy, Massage and Rehabilitation.

Biolight – Advanced Light Treatment

Biolight is “kickstarting” and helping the bodies natural healing abilities to heal and repair the cells at a cellular level. The light fixes the problem at it’s very core rather than just treating the symptoms. Most of my clients forget their problem completely and stay healed after just a few treatments.


Biolight can treat various conditions and problems in the body, for example skin (wounds or other skin problems), muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and bone tissues. Biolight can really be beneficial for everyone.

Some of the areas Biolight can be used for:

  • To stimulate your Energy – It balances and increases the flow of energy through your chakra system and meridian channels. A optimal treatment to enhance well being.
  • A special Acupuncture program, without needles  –  Activating and stimulating Acupuncture points
  • Before competition or excercise – increasing flow of energy to major muscle groups.
  • After competition – to recover faster with removal of lactate acid and waste products.
  • Faster healing of injuries – such as strains, ruptures, swelling, wounds and fractures.
  • Post surgery  – to promote quicker healing and reduce trauma, swelling and scar tissue.
  • Animals – Biolight is working just as great for all creatures with animal cell such as our beloved horses or dogs for example.

The technique

The technique behind Biolight is Low level light (laser) therapy, short LLLT. There is thousands and thousands of scientific researches since many years on it’s fantastic benefits on human well being, that I studied all the way through. With its 260 LED lights Biolight uses variations of 2 very specific wavelengths of unpolarized light:

The red light = 637 nm:

  • Suppresses inflammations
  • Stimulates collagen formation
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Increases blood circulation

The near infrared light = 950 nm:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Healing wounds
  • Gives pain relief
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases activity in the lymphatic system

It is today scientifically well proven that specific Light treatment stimulate the energy in the cells, stimulate growth of new blood vessels, increase blood flow, enhance DNA-Synthesis, stimulate healing and enhance removal of waste or lactate acid in the cells of the human body.

Biolight in addition normalises the Electric potential in the cellular membrane, which leads to the cell recovers it’s ability to ventilate nutritions and waste products in and out from the cell.



After the treatment you can continue normal daily life. For smaller injuries one treatment can be enough to heal. For chronic or more serious injuries I recommend  up to 8 treatments to start. Please contact me today for a free consultation.



Biolight treatment is best combined with a Sport specific massage afterwards in the affected area or whole body depending on your condition or injury. After Biolight, the muscles are more relaxed and a massage will be very effective.


Sport specific massage can also be booked without Biolight treatment.