Life Coaching / Personal Training

Chase your highest dreams

We live in a time with limitless possibilities. Anything can be done, achieved, acquired. We only have to work hard, and do our best. Everything can be controlled. At least, that’s what we think. And then all of a sudden we feel unhappy. Because we have no influence on what happens to us. We can only influence how we react to it.


During a  consultation we write your own plan together in what you are looking for to achieve in your life and how we together can reach these goals. After the sessions i am available to answer your questions, guide and help you.


Individual Life Coaching or Personal Training mainly consists of eight weekly meetings of an hour, which help you to become more aware of your life situation, body, your thoughts and feelings using different meditations and applications. You’ll increase your physical and mental strength, which will help you to better deal with your daily life and difficult situations.

In addition, the training can bring you the following:

  • Conscious decision-making
  • Body Awareness: recognizing signals that your body gives
  • Recognize feeling and react in a relaxed manner
  • Personal Nutrition plan
  • Workout plan with personal excersises
  • Personal tools to deal with feelings of sadness
  • Personal tools to deal with stress
  • Feel less caught up in thoughts and feelings.

Please ask any questions you might have in an informal conversation beforehand.