Become more and more You

In this world we live in today with sounds and movement everywhere it’s more necessary than ever to meditate daily. It is just as important for maintaining our temple in best shape (body, mind and soul) as eating, exercising or sleeping.


Start by doing it just a small moment every day, after practice you will soon realise meditation is something you can do anytime and everywhere! You will be fully present and focused, mastering whatever you do in your daily life and so performing better in almost all areas of your life.


Since 11 years I meditate on a daily basis. I meditate every day no matter what, it is and will always remain my highest priority in the day. I have taken several meditation courses and I have practised a lot of  meditation with Buddhist monks in monasteries in Thailand and Portugal.


There is various kinds of “styles or techniques of meditation. Personally I prefer a form of Transcendental Meditation (TM) from the Nordic Gnostic Unity. I am sitting in complete silence using a specific mantra which has been used in India for several thousand years. I just keep my awareness in the seat of the soul (Third eye, Ajna chakra). The mantra helps me to remained focused during my practice but I also like complete silence/stillness.


Guided meditations can be useful for you in the beginning to even find that ‘inner peaceful space’, but as soon you can remain still in your mind I recommend you start seeking answers inside yourself on your own. During a session with me I find where you are in your development of meditation and I help you overcome obstacles that normally occur as a part of your inner training. It can save you years of practice. I help you find your own best way of meditation it can be found anywhere, for some people such a simple task as cleaning the dishes can be the highest form of meditation.


A great example for this is in a monastery a monk asked his master why he did not experience seeing green light or colors or shapes. The master just answered the monk that if he want to see a light he can simply just turn one on and look at it. You shall remain in a state of expecting nothing, but at the same time be ready and aware to experience whatever is coming.


I also do group meditations to calm down and guide your way into your own personal sanctuary.


Here is 10 Science based benefits of Meditation:

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Lessens worrying anxiety and impulsivity
  3. Promotes Emotional Health
  4. Enhances Self-Awarness , Self -esteem and Self -acceptance
  5. Increases mental Strength and Focus
  6. Improves Sleep
  7. Helps Control Pain
  8. Can decrease Blood pressure
  9. Improves immune system
  10. Increases memory retention and recall