Become more and more You
In this world we live in today with sounds and movement everywhere it’s more necessary than ever to meditate daily. It is just as important for maintaining our temple in best shape (body, mind and soul) as eating, exercising or sleeping.   Start by doing it just a small moment every day, after practice you will soon […]
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Biolight & Massage

Combining Biolight therapy, Massage and Rehabilitation.
Biolight – Advanced Light Treatment Biolight is “kickstarting” and helping the bodies natural healing abilities to heal and repair the cells at a cellular level. The light fixes the problem at it’s very core rather than just treating the symptoms. Most of my clients forget their problem completely and stay healed after just a few […]
  • Biolight and Massage:

    • First session - 90 minutes: € 75,-
    • Follow up sessions - 45 minutes: € 40,-
    • 8 Follow up sessions - 45 minutes: € 200,-       ( € 25,- per session)

    Sport specific / Deep pressure Massage:

    • Session of 30 minutes: € 40,-
    • Session of 60 minutes: € 60,-

Life Coaching

Chase your highest dreams moment to moment
We live in a time with limitless possibilities. Anything can be done, achieved, acquired. We only have to work hard, and do our best. Everything can be controlled. At least, that’s what we think. And then all of a sudden we feel unhappy. Because we have no influence on what happens to us. We can […]
  • For 8 sessions of 60 minutes