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With a mother interested in stars, astrology, cosmos and alternative healing I started meditating and reading books about spirituality at the age of 9. I just felt everything very deeply and knew there had to be something more to this world.

If I later can say there is one thing that truly started my inner journey, it was in the year of 2001. I saw people in karate-like suits practising and they had opened the door because it was warm outside, they seemed very focused and dedicated to what they did. I went in there very curious and immediately asked if I could join them, the same week I joined a beginners group. The sport was Taekwon-do meaning (Fot , Hand – Lifestyle).

I directly fell in love with the sport. The practise in it’s core was individual but in the same time we were like a big family. We trained very hard and pushed each other to always get better. I started competing in the fighting discipline and won or placed top 3 in all competitions that I attended for several years.

The day after my 17th birthday in 2007 I finally achieved my 1 Degree black belt (after attending almost every class since I started). Taekwon-do was everything for me, I breathed and lived Taekwon-do.