Biolight – Advanced Light Treatment

Biolight is helping the bodies natural healing abilities to heal and repair at a cellular level. It is an effective and natural method used by elite athletes all over the world. Red light and near infrared light in different wavelengths and pulsations makes healthy people perform more and injured people heal faster.

Most of the people that get a Biolight treatment feel much better after just one or a few treatments. The Biolight method has the same health benefits as a laser but is natural and harmless.

Biolight stimulates the energy in the cells, stimulates growth of new blood vessels, increases blood flow, enhances DNA-Synthesis, stimulates healing and enhances removal of waste or lactate acid in the cells of the human body. More about the technique behind Biolight below.

Biolight can be used for many areas in our life such as enhanced wellbeing to treating acute injuries or various conditions in the body and of the skin. I often combine Biolight with a Sports Massage afterwards, since the muscles and tissues are very relaxed and already healing so it is working great together.

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Sports Massage / Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage where I massage the muscles in depth with more focus on specific muscles that are extra stressed and need release.

This is an individually tailored treatment that I combine with for example stretching, heat trigger point treatment or acupressure if needed. With my education in anatomy and physiology I treat my clients with skilled knowledge, pressure and precise support and care. Besides this I have a high intuitively sense of feeling where the pain is coming from.

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Personal Training

Chase your dreams

Anything can be done, achieved, acquired. We only have to find what motivates us, have discipline and give it all! Having body and mind in the best shape is essential for a happy functional body and a more happy life!!!

With a carrier in elite sports and a degree in Biomedicine I have profound knowledge about the body, that I would love to share with you through Personal training and coaching. Regular exercise combined with healthy nutritional food will help you achieve your goals and the strong vital body of your dreams. Not really sure how you should train? How often? When is the best time to eat? Or what to eat? Hit me up! I offer a monthly online service with personal training and coaching included. I also offer individual 1 on 1 sessions (read below).

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My story

I remember Skateboarding first time when i was 4 years old. I got one of these old school boards from my family in USA. Raised in a small town just by the ocean south of Gothenburg in Sweden in a family of 5 with father, older brother and sister and with a mother deeply interested in stars, astrology, cosmos and alternative healing methods i started meditating and reading spiritual books at the age of 9. In my meditation i would always imagine a warm beach with palm trees on a sunny day feeling the wind in my hair. My brother Peter and sister Anna were much older than me (14 and 11 years difference so i would look up to them a lot . I remember i felt very deeply and was very sensitive as long i can remember and i have always been feeling in my heart there is something more to this world than just “living and then dying” . At a the age of 11 i began to practise Taekwon-do which quickly took my inner journey for a leap.

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