Mikael is a great guy with knowledge from experience and from a solid education. I would strongly recommend contacting him for help with massage or personal training! 🙂 Oliver Larsson

‘Mikael helped me get my knees back on track. Had pain for several years after doing acrobats and parkour and was really depressed about not being able to train and have fun the way I used to. A few treatments with his Biolight and some rehab exercises and the pain was gone. I was impressed how quickly my knees recovered and now I can walk and actually run distances without pain. Michael is really knowledge and aware of the body, our systems and how they are all connected. He has a holistic approach to injuries and I feel very safe around him. Great doctor, great massages, great listener and great results. Thank you so much, continue to help and heal People. Now I’m off to the gym without pain, life is so nice again thanks to you.’ Axel Fabricius

Mikael is an incredibly talented healer in many ways, he always finds the right pressure points in my sore shoulders and his calm approach make me feel comfortable. Top class Robin Hallgren

‘I’ve had a lot of problems with a wrist, elbow and soulder because of to many hours with a computer mouse glued in my palm. Mikael helped me with a no less than magic lamp treatment, massage and exercises with a rubber skipping rope. The result was very good and way over my expectations. I give Mikael my highest recommendations!’ Kjell Lindfors

‘Mikael is magic! He helped me get rid of an old kitesurfing injury that caused cramps and pain in my left shoulder for years. He also treated and showed me how to keep down tendonitis in my right arm. Six months later and I am still so happy with the results so I can only highly recommend treatments from Mike!’ Gregers Jensen

Mikael is extremely well educated in recovery and repairing the body. Muscles, joints, inflammation, anything really. Had some very good sessions and a very good experience and for that I am forever grateful.’ Rasmus Svendsen

‘Mikael is a true healer and I recommend him 100%. He is very skilled in seeing conditions on both physical and energetic levels that need care taking. If you want to get results- go see him!Marianne Andersson

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