Personal Training

Chase your dreams

Anything can be done, achieved, acquired. We only have to find what motivates us, have discipline and give it all! Having body and mind in the best shape is essential for a happy functional body and a more happy life!!!

With a carrier in elite sports and a degree in Biomedicine I have profound knowledge about the body, that I would love to share with you through Personal training and coaching. Regular exercise combined with healthy nutritional food will help you achieve your goals and the strong vital body of your dreams. Not really sure how you should train? How often? When is the best time to eat? Or what to eat? Hit me up! I offer a monthly online service with personal training and coaching included. I also offer individual 1 on 1 sessions (read below).

What can the coaching bring you?

  • Mastering your own unique body
  • Better self-esteem
  • Conscious decision-making choices (food and training)
  • Body awareness: recognizing signals that your body gives
  • Personal Nutrition plan
  • Workout plan with personal exercises
  • Personal tools to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Feel less caught up in thoughts and feelings.
  • Stronger immune system
  • And much more!

Online Personal Training

My Online Personal training is beneficial to get motivated ! Beginners to competing elite athletes!

During a consultation we discuss your goals and visions. After the consultation I will ask you to answer a few fundamental questions and give me a more detailed evaluation of your daily habits. Then I will make an analysis and make your own tailored plan with training schedule and nutrition plan for your specific needs. The schedule and plan may be adjusted weekly depending on progress. During the month I am available daily on chat for answering your questions about health and training.


Individual Personal Training in Ericeira

Sessions of an hour where we work-out together working on the areas you want to improve in your body type.


  • Taekwon-do
  • Muay Thai
  • Yoga
  • Functional Training
  • Kite surfing
  • Surf workout (On land)
  • Gym

You’ll increase your physical and mental strength, which will help you to better deal with your daily life and difficult situations in all daily life.

How much costs Individual Personal training ?

  • 1 Session 60 minutes 50€ 
  • 1 Session 90 minutes 70€
  • 3 Sessions 60 minutes 130€
  • 3 Sessions 90 minutes 180€