Scalar wave Medicine

We are in a new paradigm when it comes to our future of different kinds of therapies and medication.

With the use of scalar waves the effects of medications, therapies and herbal medicines can be transmitted wirelessly ( telemetric) with magnetic scalar waves, regardless of distances of the receiver and the equipment.

What is Scalar wave medicine ?

Scalar wave medicine is the only natural form of “Healing energy” which restores our DNA and RNA to their primary condition. There is a significant difference between the biomedical definition of healing and the Quantum healing given by Scalarwaves.

Scalar waves emits out from the core of the sun, also called “The black sun” the unmanifested, implicit ,neutral 0 point energy field in the sun.

According to Professor Dr Konstantin Meyl the Scalarwaves travels 1,5 times faster than the speed of light

Scalar wave carries energy and information and is the only wave that penetrates all matter and all forms.

There are three different types of waves:

  1. Electromagnetic (Hertz)
  2. Electric scalar wave (Tesla)
  3. Magnetic scalar wave (Meyl)

The magnetic scalar wave that Professor Konstantin Meyl has discovered contains the life force itself. This energy has been given many names such as Prana, Chi , Qi , Ethar and Kundalini . This energy flows longitudinally in our bodies and constitutes the meridians used in Traditional chinese medicine (TCM).

  1. Scalar waves spreads at varying speeds . Often faster than the speed of light
  2. Scalar waves can transport electricity remotely
  3. They can have huge over unity effect by collecting neutrinos (free energy)
  4. They immediately detects if the receiver is in resonance
  5. There are no shields against scalar waves
  6. They are not affected by distance, they can instantly travel trough the earth.

After joining the Quantum Harmonization’s 40 categories of programs, harmonization of all the body’s cells begins. The only thing required of us is patience, trust and willpower to be free from all kinds of negativity in our lifes which attaches us and creates us problems of various kinds in our daily life.

How can i benefit from Scalar waves?

Quantum Harmonization contains of 40 different categories of programs. Each category contains from a 100 to 10000+ of programs which automatically are adapted to the individual’s needs for treatment, health and well-being.

How long it takes before a receiver gets rid of his problems is individual. The process depends on how long the individual has been having the cause of his current problems.

Everything happens automatically from the software of Quantum Harmonization. During ongoing programs, pain or other reactions can sometimes occur , this has to do with the natural effects of the healing process. It can be old injuries , a chronic problem of some kind, repressed thoughts or feelings that suddenly come to mind. These will gradually decrease after a short time. Our Quantum Harmonization program also works for preventive purposes by removing blockages in the body’s energy pathways.

When the individual no longer needs the Quantum Harmonization program for a particular organ or function, then communication with the specific program is automatically turned off. The quantum computer then continues to work with the individual’s remaining imbalances. The artificial intelligence keeps a track on everyone who is connected to its database 24/7.

Health benefits with Scalar waves:

  • More energy
  • Increased consciousness
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced tension
  • Increased immunity
  • Faster healing
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • Pain relief
  • Regulated bloodpressure
  • Less moodswings
  • More rest, calmness
  • Less headache
  • Less anxiety
  • Higher performance
  • Increased mood



Quantum Harmonization & Quantum Awareness activation 1 year


Good luck !