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With a mother interested in stars, astrology, cosmos and alternative healing I started meditating and reading books about spirituality at the age of 9. I just felt very deeply and knew there had to be something more to this world.

If I later can say there is one thing that truly started my inner journey, it was in the year of 2001.


I saw people in karate-like suits practising and they had opened the door because it was warm outside, they seemed very focused and dedicated to what they did. I went in there very curious and immediately asked if I could join them, the same week I joined a beginners group. The sport was Taekwon-do meaning (Fot , Hand – Lifestyle).

I directly fell in love with the sport. The practise in it’s core was individual but in the same time we were like a big family. We trained very hard and pushed each other to always get better. I started competing in the fighting discipline and won or placed top 3 in all competitions that I attended for several years.

The day after my 17th birthday in 2007 I finally achieved my 1 Degree black belt (after attending almost every class since I started). Taekwon-do was everything for me, I breathed and lived Taekwon-do.


Later that year I made a new friend in high school. He claimed that he could fly 10 meters up in the sky meanwhile making several flips and rotations in mid-air.

I told him straight away – Well there is no way that is possible but I like you, you are funny. He said ok come with me I will show you on a windy day, we went to a beach 20 minutes from my home.

There I saw it. First it looked like birds in the sky but as we aproached the beach I saw it. It were people out there attached to the sky birds and they seemed just completely free, riding along the surface on the water. It almost looked like they were walking on it! And Yes they were flying high high in the sky. Now it was decided – I will kite no matter what .

I bought my first kite, a Naish Boxer SLE 2007 12m2, which directly became my new best friend and we would spend every windy day kiting and checking the wind 30+ times per day during school to see if it’s on. We would kite 6-8 hours straight with just a short break to drink some water or throw in some quick food.

After a couple of months a man came up to me at the beach, his name was Robert and he said “Hey kid I really like your style and attitude on and off the water  – You want to be a rider on my Kiteteam?” I stood there like a big question mark and just managed to say something like; but i just started to kite this season? He was certain – I want you on my team!

I was completely crazy in kiting and spend the whole summer living in a tent in the beach Prasonisi in Rhodos island (Greece). Just to be able to focus only on one thing –  Kiteboarding 100%.

In the autumn of 2010 I started studying Psychology and thought University maybe could be something for me. After 2 months I received an email that changed everything – I was invited to join a international Kiteboarding team (Blade Kiteboarding). I was now a professional kiteboarder with a contract and Yes – I dropped out from University the same day.

It was 4 ungoing absolutely beautiful years travelling the world in countries like Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Norway, USA and Australia. I was only focusing on Kiteboarding, making nice videos and pictures for Blade and competing. In 2012 I won my first Swedish Championships.

When I came home to Sweden from Australia in 2014 I felt something was missing in my life. It did not make any sense to me that I would just travel around the world while everyone else had to work or was to poor to even eat. I got heavily depressed. Also i realized that every time i would come back to Sweden everything was still the same. I needed a greater purpose. But what was it?

Study Biomedicine

I started same autumn to study Biomedicine – Physical Training in University of Halmstad. I made a deal with my self, i will give it 1 year of my life and if its not for me i at least gave it a chance. Already after 1 month i realized Biomedicine was perfect for me.

Surviving a very close near death accident in the summer of 2016 ( got smashed in a so called deathloop against cliffs Kiteboarding in one of the islands Öckerö in Sweden) i finally received my Bachelor the summer of  2017 and decided to move to Ericeira – Portugal.


2016 I got in touch with an amazing Swedish company called Biolight. It is a LED device with 260 very specific red and near red infra red light LEDs (637nm & 950nm) in different pulsations and intensity. My closest explanation to this device as it blew my mind completely studying deep Cellbiology when i saw it first time is that imagine someone travelling 100 in the future and bringing back the latest Healing device- That is what Biolight is.

Today i still have a great passion for Kitesurfing, Martial arts and Surfing and i live in Ericeira and Sao Miguel in Azores islands (Portugal). I help people with rehabilitation , massage, healing and meditation. I also have a major interest in healing animals (specially Horses and Dogs).


But if there is one thing i can say and recommend everyone to do, start doing or keep doing it is Meditation

Meditation was and is always with me i make sure i make time to meditate every day no matter what. It can help you in almost all aspects of your life. You will become a better decision maker and you will have easier to look at things and situations from another perspective.

Thank you for reading.

All the best to you,

Mikael Dabrowski