Orgonites are small, pyramid-shaped objects made from a mixture of metal shavings, resin, and crystals. They are believed to be devices that harness and balance the natural energy known as “orgone” in order to positively affect the surrounding environment.

Users and fans of Orgonites claim that they help to reduce electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, improve air quality, enhance plant growth, and even have a positive impact on the mood and well-being of people nearby.

Each Orgonite I create is handmade and unique.

Some benefits of Orgonites include:

  1. Reduces electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices
  2. Improves air quality
  3. Enhances plant growth
  4. Positive impact on mood and well-being of people nearby
  5. Balances and harmonizes energy in the surrounding environment
  6. Helps to purify water
  7. Promotes peaceful sleep
  8. Can increase focus and concentration
  9. Reduces stress and anxiety levels
  10. Supports spiritual growth and meditation practices


The concept of orgonite was popularized by the American psychologist and inventor, Wilhelm Reich. In the 1940s and 1950s, Reich conducted experiments and published books on his theories about the existence of a universal life energy he called “orgone.” He claimed that orgone energy could be harnessed and balanced for health and healing purposes.

However, Reich’s work was controversial and faced criticism from the scientific community, who disputed the validity of his claims. The US Food and Drug Administration eventually banned his books and burned several tons of his materials, leading to Reich’s imprisonment (!).

After Reich’s death, the idea of orgonite was adopted by alternative health and spiritual communities, who developed the modern-day orgonite devices.

Custom handmade Orgonite 5x5x6cm

How to make Orgonites

Orgonites are made from a mixture of the following components:

  1. Resin: acts as a binding agent to hold the other components together
  2. Metal shavings: can be made from various types of metal such as copper, aluminum or stainless steel and serve as a conductor of orgone energy
  3. Crystals: are believed to amplify and focus the orgone energy and can be made from various types such as quartz, amethyst or selenite
  4. Other additions: some orgonite makers may include additional elements such as essential oils, herbs or other spiritual or energetic items such as symbols of sacred geometry.

The combination and proportion of these components may vary depending on the desired properties and intended use of the Orgonite device. The construction process involves layering and curing the resin and metal shavings to create a compact and solid object. The Orgonite may be shaped into various forms, but the most common is the pyramid shape.

I create custom Orgonites in the price range between 30€-250€+ shipping depending on size and material needed for the request.

If you are interested to buy an Orgonite or book a request for a custom made Orgonite please contact me at info@mikaeldabrowski

Shipping worldwide!

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