What we can learn from Elite Athletes and Why you should start meditate today

Elite athletes exercise every day, sometimes several times per day to stay in their best shape, it is as much a big part of their life as brushing the teeth or eating good nutrients to optimise health and fitness in their life.

Just as we can exercise and take care of our body to maintain it in the best shape we can also exercise our mind to keep it in the best shape. A pure mind is clear and sharp to handle any situation, it can be compared to a still lake that’s reflecting perfectly like a mirror.

A busy mind is all over the place and uses a lot of energy overthinking, it is not fully present and like rings on the water, it overlapses other thoughts and ideas and can’t really see so clearly what is.

Meditation can therefore be a tool in our daily life from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, our life quality enhances incredibly as we now ourselves choose to focus on what we want instead of just finding ourselves reacting to a situation or event.

Worth to remember is that there is people that meditate for 10 years and “still not get it”, just as there are people that never “meditated” in their life but are anyways living in a state of meditation.

It is simply being present in the moment, ever Observing, What am I doing? Why am I doing it ? How can I do it “better”? How am I feeling?

Overthinking is one of the biggest issues in todays modern society, we worry so much about the future and think so much about the past how it could have “went better” that we completely forget how to live Here and Now which is actually the only and only moment that really matters to us.

Here is a VERY good short and simple explanation from a Buddhist monk friend about Meditation and it’s adaptation to daily life:

Just as the elite athlete excercises every day we can meditate every day to make sure our mind is in shape and remain and stay in this state of presence during the whole day. We will become better in controlling our thoughts and emotions, we will be able to perform tasks better at work, we will suddenly experience “we have more time”, we focus more on what we actually love and want in our precious time here on earth and as a result we will feel that we have a greater quality of life.

Remember that this Life is your Story and your movie and Dream of your life where You play the leading part of the star. No one can take responsibility for your actions but yourselves. In a world where you can be ANYTHING you want at least to be kind ! 😉

Here is 10 Science based benefits of Meditation:

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Lessens worrying anxiety and impulsivity
  3. Promotes Emotional Health
  4. Enhances Self-Awarness , Self -esteem and Self -acceptance
  5. Increases mental Strength and Focus
  6. Improves Sleep
  7. Helps Control Pain
  8. Can decrease Blood pressure
  9. Improves immune system
  10. Increases memory retention and recall

Have a great day !!! Thank you for reading !

Best Regards

Mikael Dabrowski

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