An important but not much mentioned condition among athletes is Overtraining syndrome (OTS). OTS is a condition that occurs when an athletes training load is high and the recovery is not efficient enough. The result of this is an opposite effect with decreased performance instead of increased. Proper training and conditioning requires a very fine […]

Surfing 1-1

This blog post is for you that wants to get more into surfing or for you who already surf to dive deeper in the anatomy and physiology of surfing. Please remember now and forever that we are all in this together, we share the ocean together. No one owns the ocean or any beach or […]

Biolight and My body

Healing and Rehabilitation for your specific needs
In this post i will explain how my Life was like and how it is like now since i came in touch with Light medicine. I have always been a very athletic person and i work out several times a week since i was 11, so i have always been with a strong physical body. […]

Shamanic Healing

Hello dear reader I have all my life have felt a strong connection with the Native americans, after many years of preparing myself i am right now attending a Shamanic Healing Master course. The Shamanic tradition is over 6000years old and can help us heal wounds or traumas from the past and also help us […]